Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The other day is was around 84 degrees so we
decided to have a sprinkler party with some friends! The kids had so much
fun running through the water.Nathan and Emma weren't to sure about the water at first!
The expressions on their faces tells it all!
Here Nathan is soaked from head to toes. We were watering the lawn after mowing it the other day and Nathan thought it was so much fun to stick his hands in the water.

Rich was also soaked from Nathan squirting him with the water.

The video is of Nathan getting hit with the sprinkler.
I don't think he quit knew what he was walking into.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yellow Tulip

So our tulip finally bloomed last night and the first thought that came to us is Evelyn, Rich's mom. She loves the color yellow, and it fits her to a "T". Bright, beautiful and a lovely person. We love you so much and can't wait to see you in June.

Below is also some yellow flowers, I call this picture "Rich walking in a field of Yellow Flowers"

We were finally able to get a lawn mower and get the lawn mowed. It looks so much better, here are a couple pictures of the process and the jungle Rich mowed through.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jabber, Jabber, Jabber!

So the other day Nathan and I were outside working in the yard. I turned around to
see where he had gone and this is what I see...
(I believe that he gets this trait from his dad!)

If only Nathan knew what Rich was doing he wouldn't be so eager to help. Child locks my sanity!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I tried posting these pictures yesterday but they would show up so here you all go.
Nathan, Dad, and Mom! Can you tell that the wind was blowing just a little bit?
These next couple of pictures are of Rich and Nathan in the loader. Rich was hauling manure and we decided to take a trip out to see him.

Nathan hugging his daddy in the truck!

Lost Camera Battery Charger- Lost Camera

So during our move in February to our new rental I lost the camera battery charger. I looked everywhere for it couldn't find it anywhere. Then one day as I was looking at some old pictures, there was the charger. As I went to grab the camera I couldn't find it anywhere, great just what I needed. I looked for about 3 weeks and still couldn't find it, now I was starting to worry. Well as I was cleaning the bathroom last week I thought I need to clean out the basket on top of the toilet. You know what I am talking about the one that holds all the good reading material, "Classic Trucks" and the "Ensign"!! As well as the bathtoys, hair ties I even found a ruler. Then I saw it "The Camera!" So finally they are back together and I can take pictures once again of our handsome little man and the adventures that we have everyday.

So a little update for everyone Nathan is now 13 months and teething again. I told Rich last night that I don't HATE many things, DISLIKE a lot but not HATE, but I do have to admit that I HATE teething. The pain they go through is so heart aching. Added along with the fevers, the drooling, the wining, and the sleepless nights. I hope the end is near!! Nathan is starting to say a couple of words, of course mama and dada. He also loves to say "HI", "OT-OH", "POPORN" (popcorn), "EYET" (light). He is so cute and loves to have us sing, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, talk on the phone, dance, and play with his trucks.

Rich was called to be the Ward Clerk about a month ago, and he loves the calling. I am a little sad that he is not teaching the Sunbeam class with me anymore. We do grab him often to translate for us with a little boy who doesn't speak English. Rich also is working a couple of days a week after work for a farmer in our ward. He enjoys being in the tractor, which I think is therapeutic for him. There he can just be in silence and relax.

For me I am still one of the Sunbeam teachers, which is a challenge in itself. I am on the Enrichment committee and I am getting things ready for a Super Saturday activity in the next couple of months. Also I have been watching 2 little boys a couple times a week for a friend. I am still sewing and love it. I just did a dress for my little sister, made curtains for our living room, finished Nathan's bumper pads, made two aprons, making little girl dresses, and now started on a gardening tote. I am thinking of putting some of the dresses that I am making on Etsy, so we will see how that goes.