Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Deals

I have a couple of deals that I wanted to post!
5- Fruit Snacks
6- Mini Wheat's
12- Keebler Cookies
10 Keebler Crackers
10- Hunts Ketchup
12- Chef Boyardee Ravioli
2- Ritz Crackers
2- Ritz Crackerfuls
Total Spent $44.13
Total Saved- $93.98
(last transaction were the Ritz items and ketchup total came to $0.08)

2- Kotex pantyliner
3- shave gel (travel size)
1- Renu (travel size)
1- Listerine (travel size)
3- Head and Shoulder (travel size)
1- Tide (travel size)
1- Aussie hairspray
1-Aussie gel
1- Aussie mouse
1-Aussie spray gel
1-Herbal Essenes shampoo
1- Herbal Essenes Conditioner
2- Herbal Essenes hairspray
Total- $13.83
Saved- $28.96

1- Welches Juice
2- Chinet plates
Total- $2.36
Saved- $6.00

Leap Frog Tag- 14.98
Saved- $35.01 (originally $49.99)

3- Kotex pantyliner
3- Colgate Kids Toothpaste (travel size)

Total- FREE

Run Brittney Run

Who would have thought "Me" Brittney would have ever ran in a 5K? Certainly not me, but I did surprise myself and entered in one. I have amazing friends here and we decided to enter in a 5K in October so we have been training for one. Well then we decided to do one in August. Let me just tell you I didn't run the whole thing but 90 % of it. See here is my number to prove I did it. This is the pre-picture of use before we ran Nichole, Becky, Starlie,
Jamie, Melissa, Nicole, Me, and Kim.All of us ladies in a row!The picture below is Jamie and I's last lap. After the race I did decide that I wasn't fully ready to run a 5K. This is the whole group of us that ran mom's, dad's, son's. Don't we all look so nice in our pink shirts, the run was to support Breast Cancer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camping at Silverwood

This past weekend we went with the Edler's to Silverwood to go camping and to the Water/Amusement Park. Although it rained 90% of the time we still have a great time. Those two guys are so cute, and Nathan had to include his puppy in the picture.Rich took Nathan on his first roller coaster ride. They have a little train roller coaster for the kids and Nathan and dad had to try it out. Rich said that Nathan did well on the ride only got scared the first time around.

Then we had to go and get ice cream, I think that Nathan enjoyed it more than Rich and I.

Sharing with daddy!

Now taking a big bite with mommy!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. Rich was walking beside Nathan and next thing you know Nathan grabs Rich's hand.

Garfield came out to see all the kids. Nathan wasn't to sure of him at first but with dad's help we got a quick picture.

Rich and Reese on the zipper! I have a video of the guys on the Zipper but it won't download, so I will have it posted soon!
Nathan and Daddy at the wave pool. We only staid for 2 hours at the water park because of the weather.


So this past week we have been without a computer
and I fill completely detached from the world or couponing. Here is a
picture of what I did a couple of weeks ago.GRAND TOTAL: $38.42
Tide 64 Loads
Bounty- 12 double roll
Charmin- 24 mega rolls
(these items cost me $2.12)
12- Suave Shampoo
12- Suave Conditioner
(these items cost me $3)
4- Gushers
2- Kix cereal
3- refrigerated cookie doughs
4- cookie pouches
18- Ragu spaghetti sauce
3- Suave deodorant
2- mayo
3- chex mix

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So about a month ago I went to friends house for a class on couponing. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on it and I am slowly getting better at it. I went shopping today and these are my awesome buys.
2- Lucky Charms ($1 each)
2-Multigrain Cheerios ($1 each)
3- Total Whole Grain ($1 each, 2 were exchanged
from a previous purchase)
3- Gallons of milk ($0.29 each)
2- Betty Crockers cake mix( $.50 each)
2- Lays' potato chips ($1.88 each)
1- Special K bars ($0.38)
1- Tide Detergent 64 loads ($8.99)
18- Ragu Spaghetti sauce ($0.20 each -not pictured I have a rain check for them.)
TOTAL- $22.86
SAVED- At least $50 will know when I pickup the Ragu Sauce

50 First Dates- $2.75
Kellogg's Cinnabon Bar- $0.75
Irish Spring- $0.99
Softsoap- $0.99
TOTAL- $6.37
SAVED- $13.88
(last week)
5-boxes of cereal
1- 6 mega roll of Cottonelle Bath Tissue
2- bags of potato chips
2- Chips Ahoy
1- gallon of milk
I am loving "Couponing" it is so much fun. Trying to see what deals you can get, which ones your friends are getting. The best part of it is saving money, and starting to get more and more food storage.

Seattle here we come!

So about 2 weeks ago Rich calls me and says, "Hey go to the gas station on Road 68 and put your name in a drawing for tickets to see Kenny Chesney perform." Thinking to my self we wont win, and we did. So on the August 1st we went over to Seattle to see, Lady Antebellem, Miranda Lamert, Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland, and Kenny Chesney perform. We left Nathan with Becky and Chris, which we can't thank them enough for watching him, and we headed over.On the ride over this is what we saw, "Oh it made me laugh." I guess you do what you got to do.The tickets were clear up in the nose bleed section, so we soon found some in the same section but down a little ways so we could see so much better. ( Montgomery Gentry singing in the picture above.)Sugarland was by far my favorite. Jennifer is such an amazing singer and so funny!Now Kenny Chesney did an amazing job as well. He sang for almost 2 1/2 hours. We did unfortunately miss Lady Antebellum and half of Miranda Lamberts concert because we were stuck in a traffic jam. It took us 1 1/2 hours to go 0.5 miles.Isn't he a handsome man?And the best for last, a big kiss to my husband! Friday was his birthday so the concert was part of his present. I love you so much honey!


When moving back to the mainland Rich's parents let us take Grandpa Tomlinson's old kitchen table which is around 80 years old to Washington with us. Rich tackled the project of sanding it down and re-staining it. It turned out so beautiful and we love it so much. Thanks to Brandon for giving us the stain to finish it. A finished picture will be posted soon. The picture below is of Rich putting in our AC Unit in our bedroom. The weather here is not like we thought it would be. I guess we didn't do our homework very well. It has been above 100 degrees for the past 2 weeks. The night Rich got the AC unit in we both slept like a baby.

Last week I made 5 batches of freezer jam: Strawberry, Strawberry Apricot, Raspberry Apricot, Strawberry Raspberry. Oh they all taste so good, and thanks to everyone for the free fruit. Nathan wanted to help out so his job was putting Cheerios in the empty pectin boxes. He was so proud of himself, thinking he was helping mommy so much.

Yum, Strawberries!!


During our stay at my parents house Rich, Nathan, and I got to haul hay for my dad! Rich loved it he was outside and doing something productive.
As mentioned earlier Rich's parents home caught on fire. There was no structural damage done, but the inside had to be completely gutted and they are practically getting a new home. I love this picture because no matter what trials are given to my in laws they always look at the bright side of things. Here Megan, Albert and Jenny are laughing about having to have the whole house gutted, and everything that will be thrown away.

Now I love this picture. Nathan pulls this face all the time and you can't help but laugh. Now we all know where he gets it from.

Got to have a John Deere!!

Island Park

As I mentioned in an earlier post we went camping up in Island Park with Rich's family. We went for a ride up to Big Springs to look at the fish, which are huge and in a protected area.Nathan was trying so hard to look at the fish by himself.Landon and Joey feeding the seagulls. This cabin was built by hand by a man named Johnny Sacks. Every piece of furniture was made by hand, below is one picture of his kitchen.The Johnny was a shorter man so everything was made to scale for him. It was interesting to see the staircase that goes upstairs and have it just a little smaller than a normal one.

Catch Up!

I haven't been very good about updating our blog very often so here is a recap of what has been going on. Josey spent 2 1/2 weeks with us and we had so much fun having her here. Nathan loved having someone else to play with, I think mom gets boring during the day.

This picture is of the group that went to Silverwood the second time in June. We had so much fun, but it was raining the whole time. But we kept on with the rides.For some reason this ride kept restarting over and over again. During the middle of the ride it started to pour and everyone who was riding it were soaked to the bone.Rich and Reese decided that even though it was raining they needed to go to the water park.

Rich, Josey, Nathan and I went for a walk one Sunday. This is our bike path which is located on one end of town.