Friday, December 26, 2008


Just wanted to say hi and tell everyone that we miss the warm weather in Hawaii. HOLY COW I forgot how cold it can get. The other day it was -18 degrees outside and the wind was blowing so who knows how cold it really felt. We are here in Idaho for the holidays and are having so much fun with our family. During the day we are crafting, eating, playing games (Wii which is so fun as well as Guitar Hero), watching movies, playing in the snow. Then at nights waking up every hour with our little man, he is teething and it isn't very much fun for any of us. He already has one tooth and now he is getting another one. When we get back to Washington we will post pictures of our trip and ones from Thanksgiving. Since I haven't written in a long time I will give you a break down of what has been going on:- Nathan standing up against anything he can get his hands on- Nathan walking along furniture- 2 trips to the emergency room for Nathan with a 106 temp (scary but he is okay now)- Spending Thanksgiving with Family in Idaho- Seeing snow for the first time in 3 years, it was beautiful- Remembering that it isn't so fun walking outside while it is snowing and blowing. Brrrr!!- Snot freezing in your nose because it is so cold outside- Pushing people out of the snow when stuck in the middle of the road- Driving down the road sideways because of slick roads- Having to buy snow tires- Having Christmas 1 week early, not wanting to haul all the presents down to Idaho and then back to WashingtonWell again we miss the warm weather in Hawaii! We hope everyone's season is wonderful and filled with joy and love.

Love, Tomlinson's