Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So much going on!

Well so much has been going on and we fill like somedays all we do is run. Megan I kept checking your blog when you were back in Utah and kept thinking when is she going to update. Yeah now I know you are so busy and with family you don't really think of it.

We have been camping every weekend since we have been back in Idaho and we love it. We have one more camping trip this weekend and then I think we are done for awhile. Can you believe it. I have a tan now that we are back in Idaho, never really got one in Hawaii go figure. Nathan loves being outside and he loves to sit and look at trees, I think they are his new best friend sometimes. He is growing so much and we can't believe how big he is getting. I promise we will post pictures soon.

We are having some milestones and adventures with Nathan which is so much fun and not at the same time. The 2nd week we were here he had a 102 degree temp and the little boy runs which reached to the back of his neck, we took him into the doctor and he had blood in his stool. They ran a bunch of test and everything came back negative which we were thankful for. He was fine within 2 days I think he must of had a touch of the flu or something. Then we had a rude awaking at 2 in the morning, all he would do was scream we had no idea what to do. He did this for 30 min. then he had a fever so after giving his some Tylenol he calmed down, then we noticed that his gums were swollen and yes he is starting to get some teeth. Nothing has broke through yet but we expect it any day. Then today he rolled over it was so awesome the past couple of days he has been trying so hard and today he did it. He is growing so much and thank goodness for my sister-in-law who gave us hand me down baby clothes from her little boy. Nathan is now in 6-9 clothes.

Rich and I both have a sinus infection and the last night of camping this past weekend was not that much fun. We have drugs now and we are doing just fine.

Well we miss everyone in Hawaii and Rich will see you soon. He flies out in 7 days and I am not excited for that. We will write again soon.

P.S. Pili we got the goods in the mail, thanks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Over the Big Puddle

We made it Idaho safe and sound Nathan slept the whole way on the plane, I wish I could say the same thing for Rich and I. Well we have been just relaxing and having a great time we spent the 4th of July with Rich's family and we had so much fun. Rich received a bruise on his arm the size of a softball from his niece pinching him. I told him not to mess with girls, see you end up getting hurt. I will post pictures soon.

So I felt like I was in heaven the first day we got here. We went into a Super-WalMart and it was awesome. Shelf's full of items anything you need for cheap, oh I loved it!!!!

Rich and I just got back from a trip to Washington and we were so excited to see Nathan. He hung out with Grandpa and Grandma Tomlinson. He looks like he has grown so much and he is giggling now and it is so cute. We will write again soon!!!

Love, Rich Britt and Nate