Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping and Fires

Just a quick update. We are in Idaho Until the middle of next so you wont be hearing from us anytime soon. Sorry!!

Camping this weekend was a blast, but when we all come home from the must needed weekend of fun we came home to a FIRE! Rich's parents home caught on fire, no structural damage but soot damage. Scary but everything is still standing, will update soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Silverwood Cont.

I want to show a video of Rich going on a crazy roller coaster ride, but when I watched the video I realized you could hear some swear words so until we go again you will have to wait. Here is a picture of him when he got off though, holding on for balance.

This picture is of Rich and Josey on a roller coaster ride.

The picture above and below are of Rich and Megan, Sorry Megan all the pictures I had have your head cut off.

Rich Aubrey and Rena going round and round and round!

Tom and Zach are in the picture above and Crystal, Crista and Lizzy are in the one below. Those little girls could handle almost any ride. I would have been sick!


So Friday we headed up to Silverwood in Northern Idaho with some friends. It is an amusement park and a water park all in one. We had so much fun and we can't wait to go again. Thanks again for going Crystal.

Nathan and Daddy at the Toddler section of the park. Nathan not to sure on all the noise and water splashing everywhere.

Mom, Nathan and Daddy!

This is Emily, Crystal's little girl. She loved the water!!

Nathan and Daddy at lunch time. Check out Rich's shoulders you can see where he got a little bit of sun. We spent most of the day at the water park which was a blast.

Next we went for a train ride in the park which was fun and relaxing.
Josey and Crista!Dad, Nathan and Mom!
After the train ride we headed over to the amusement park and had some wild rides. Rich's sister Megan and her family met up with us which added to the fun.

Mud, Mud, Mud!!

So the other day we were trying to fix our sprinkler system and we flooded our flower bed. Nathan took full advantage of it and the result a little boy made out of mud. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Got the hand shovel and I'm going to work.


Splish, splash I'm takin a mud bath!!

Memorial Day!

On Memorial Day we made a trip up to Spokane to see Rich's Uncle's grave. Rich was named after him, and we have been talking about going up there for a couple years and we finally made it. The first picture is of Nathan and his puppy on the car ride up, he had to bring his best friend.

Here is a picture of Nathan by his great uncles grave and wanting to grab at the flag. Picture of Mom and Nathan.

Daddy and Nathan

Uncle Richard's grave.

Then after we spent time at the cemetery we headed over to Aunt Megan's and Uncle Tom's. We had a little BBQ and went to Post Falls Park and looked at the Falls. I only got a couple of pictures at Megan's house and the camera battery died.
Daddy and Nathan playing out side with Zach.

Here is a picture I pulled off the internet of Post Falls Water Falls. When we were there, there was a lot more water and breath taking.