Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No more SCARY Vacuum!!

So the past couple of month's our vacuum has been having some issues. It makes a really loud, high pitched noise while you vacuum. Not joking the neighbors that live across the street can hear when we vacuum. So vacuuming is something that I hate to due and Nathan does not like it either. We have been talking for a while that we need to just go and buy a new vacuum, not a Wal-Mart one but a high quality vacuum. We have had 3 bagless vacuums in the past 4 years, I will just say we a not fans of them. I have been hesitant in wanting to get one due to the price of a nice one, but the day came when I knew we had to do it.
I decided to vacuum while Rich was at work, normally I wait until he gets home so he can take Nathan outside. Well after vacuuming the living room I noticed Nathan wasn't in there. I turned the vacuum off and I could hear a soft whimper coming from the kitchen. When I went in Nathan was hiding in the corner by the trash can saying, " All done mommy, all done mommy!" I almost broke down in tears, the vacuum is scaring my little boy. So the next week we headed to town and got our new vacuum. It is a Riccar and we love it, you can actually fill the suction while vacuuming. Our beautiful new blue vacuum. (Sorry can't flip the picture.)Nathan helping daddy.

Now we have a cleaner house and Nathan even likes to push
the vacuum and help, rather than running away.

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

So the past two months have been long. So many things going on and Rich being in harvest. So the following pictures you will be able to see how happy Nathan is that his daddy is home. As soon as Rich gets home from work Nathan is attached to his hip, or should I say bum. Lately Nathan enjoys pushing Rich around the house, with his hands on Rich's bum he pushes with all his might. Also Nathan has been poking Rich in the bum with his little fingers, it is quite funny seeing Rich leap into the air while walking down the hall or standing in the kitchen. Before Nathan fell asleep he was combing his fingers through Rich's beard, it was so cute!
Didn't everyone know that daddy's forehead is the place to drive your "TRUCK!"
Rich was drawing a truck for Nathan the other night and
Nathan had to be right there while he was doing it.

The handsome men in my life.

Nathan and Daddy getting ready for bed had to get a picture in the process.
Oh I love these guys so much. It has been so nice having Rich home and not being gone all the time. Nathan loves having daddy home to play with, I think it is because mom doesn't make the truck or tractor noises like dad does.