Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 So the day before Easter we decided to go camping.  So we hurried and loaded everything up and headed to Sulfur Lake.  It is only about 15 minutes from our house so not to far away.

I love this picture Nathan was trying to help Rich with the tent so he grabbed a rock and started pounding on the stakes.
 We had so much fun and Nathan enjoyed pushing his truck around and Tate just chilled!
 Nathan pulling faces for us he was hilarious that night, such a comedian.
 Nathan and Daddy hiking up a hill.  Rich said when it got to the top it was a little steep but Nathan climbed right up it.  They walked around a bit and Nathan loved seeing the big ant hills.  He actually climbed right up one, luckily he didn't get any bits.
 This is looking down at our camp.  Nathan loved yelling down to me and saying, "I LOVE YOU MOM!" He was in heaven being able to just run around.

Like I said Tate just chilling!
 Nathan eating his hot dogs and chips.  Actually he was eating his chips dipped in ketchup.  That just makes me want to be sick.

  Tate thinking he gets to have the good stuff!

 Just relaxing by the fire.

Now the funny story behind our camping trip.  We all went to bed sleeping so soundly until 1:30 in the morning when the heater in our tent ran out of propane and we were freezing.  Tate was screaming and I was wanting to scream.  So we got up put the kids in the pickup gathered everything up and just threw it in the pickup.  Then we went home to nice warm beds.  We were a little tired after church and all took long naps.  What a perfect Easter!!  Oh yes the Easter Bunny did find us.