Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tate's 1st Birthday

Big brother trying to help with the presents
Since Rich wouldn't be here for Tate's birthday we celebrated early.  He was so excited to open presents but not that excited to eat his cake.  That night was a horrible night though I think the cake gave him a belly ache because we were up most the night. 

Tate's cake covered in skittles!

Yumm Yumm!!!

Nathan, Joni, Maggie and Landon

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Picture

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!


So it has been forever since I have updated so it will take a little time to get everyone up to date.  As everyone knows we moved the end of July from Washington back down to Idaho.  Oh what a bittersweet decision it was, but we know it was the right decision for us.  We love and miss Connell so much during Christmas I would get cards from my friends and I about cried every time I see them.  I would have to say that Connell is an amazing place to live and I would go back in heart beat 
This is our living quarters for the last couple of days, all of us jammed into one room.
We went half way the first night to Missoula. I love this picture of the boys. Out like a light.
Lets just say ahhhhh......
Crazy  messy kitchen,

We moved 2 days after Rich's birthday so this was his cake.  Yummy zingers and chocolate cupcake (Thank you Hostess) and 31 birthday candles!  It rocked and Nathan thought it was, "So Cool"

Tate finding anything that he could play with and helping me sweep.
We bought an inclosed trailer to haul everything and store everything.  There is no way to pack a house, move and unload and return a U haul in 4 days.  Crazy people and this is mouse proof, WOOT WOOT!
Poor Nathan was sick the last two days of packing.The couch and TV were packed so we put him on Tate's mattress and set up the computer with Netflix so he could just rest poor little boy, but he did so good.