Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HOORAY Harvest is Over!!

So harvest was officially over Friday night and we are so glad. We went to Outback to celebrate on Saturday and Nathan was being such a cute little man. This has been Rich's home for the past 48 days he has become quite fond of it and she has taken good care of him. Yes, it is a she and her name is Loretta!! I don't think I have ever seen a Pixall before so for everyone that is like me here it is. This is what cuts the corn and has given Rich so much grief this year.

Thursday I was able to go up to Hayden to see Bart, Carrie and Megan's Family. Carrie, Megan and I got to do a little shopping in the day, which was so much fun. I can't wait till girls weekend! Then I staid the night at Megan and Tom's while they went out for their anniversary. The kids and I had a little party of our own, we had pizza and watched movies. Aren't they all so darn cute?
Now with sleeping in a King Size bed you would think you would have a lot of room, funny funny! I did sleep in between Nathan and Brynley and by the end of the night we were pretty close.
For FHE we went to a pumpkin patch outside of Pasco and we had so much fun. It was the first time for everyone. Here we are on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Here's my little man and I striking a pose for daddy.
Nathan telling us "Look they are almost as big as me, and they are everywhere!'

My first pumpkin, just my size. Lately Nathan has been sticking his tongue out and we finally caught it on camera!

Now I would have to say this is one of my favorite pictures. I asked Rich what they were doing and he said that as soon as a truck drove by and hit his jack-brake Nathan turned towards the sound. So Rich was telling him about when he used to drive one. Nathan is so alert and aware of so many things around him.

So this is a look at what we have been up to, talk with you soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sewing, Haircuts and Halloween

So lately I have been doing some quilting and sewing to stay busy. I made a quilt for Rich's boss whom is a new daddy. What a good guy he is he likes John Deere just like Rich. As you can tell from the colors they had a boy! It was actually really easy to make and now I need to get one for Nathan, made but I have a couple projects for him I need to get done first.

The fabric was so thick I had to pull the yard through with pliers but
I finished it in about 4 hours. Now I have one project done for Nathan. We needed to make bumper's for his crib,
without fail his arms and legs would be sticking out of the crib. I did it like a
rag quilt and I thought it turned out quit cute. Now if I do it again I will add about 3 inches longer on my measurements do
to my our mistakes. The bumper is a little snug but it works great and
when I find Nathan awake he usually is liking the fabric.
Oh, what would we do without little boys?One of Nathan's favorite things to do is go on a walk. Today he was getting a little cranky
so I got the stroller out of the car and brought it in the house. As soon as Nathan
saw it he instantly smiled and was ready to go. Since it is a little chilly outside
he gets to wear his jacket and hat. He looks a little out of it he was almost
asleep when we got home. Now for the "In need of hair cut" part. I pulled off his hat and there
you have it CRAZY HAIR! I can't wait until Thanksgiving
because Rich's mom is going to show me how to cut it. I just wonder what he is thinking, maybe
" Yeah I like my hair, I'm cool mom!"

Oh memories of Sears, and Hawaii Monsanto Halloween! Don't I look so cute?
You wouldn't be able to guess but I am actually sitting down on a chair.
It was so fun to give candy to the kids I even had some afraid I was really that fat! My manager Onassis, sorry I can't flip the picture. Not sure what he was,
everyone just thought he wanted to show off his muscles for the ladies.
Don't think the wig helped out any!!Rich got his whole crew to dress up and go see everyone in the office.
They were a hit and kept getting requests from different office personal
to come to their department. They drove around all day to
show off their good looks.

Dandy the Summo Wrestle, Ward the Bar Maid and Rich the Ballerina.

They look so darn cute!

We miss all our Maui Ohana and can't wait to see you all again soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Storms of Life

I don't know how church was for everyone today but I loved Relief Society. Our lesson was on "Stand Fast through the Storms of Life" as probably was everyone's lesson today. We were talking about trials, tribulations, death, and all heartache we go through in life.

Why? I ask all the time do we have to go through this, then I have to remind myself in Helaman 12:3 it says "And thus we see that except the Lord doth his people with many afflictions, yea, except he doth visit them with death and with terror, and with famine and with all manner of pestilence, they will not remember him." So without the hard times in life we wont remember him and learn from our mistakes and become stronger children of God. As we become stronger we will be able to "Stand Fast". This was such an amazing lesson and I know I wouldn't be here without Joseph Smith and the trials he went through. Knowing that he made it through such hard times, makes it easier for me to make through my trails.

Well we love you all and hope your day was as great as ours.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Much To Say!!

Well we have finally received our household items. It took 47 days for them to get from Maui to little old Connell. Yes, we did have a couple things damaged and are in the process of filling out claim reports for the damage and lost items. Personally I think the whole process is dumb but what do you do? Anyways, I would have posted pictures sooner but in the hustle and bustle of the movers bringing everything in the house, me taking a lot back out and into and storage unit, a baby shower, project day at the church with other mom's (can't miss that day), grocery shopping and filling buckets of hard white wheat at 7 in the morning at 34 degrees I miss placed the cord to down load the pictures. I kept telling Rich that I know where it is but I just can't remember. Well I didn't technically remember I just happen to open a cupboard in the bathroom ( 1 of 10; I know awesome) and there is was right were I put it. So yes we have been busy, we totaled the hours that Rich has worked form Sunday to Friday and we were at 115 hours. The only sane way to look at that is, the paycheck will be nice. Although that is starting to not sound as good. Nathan and I are so ready for Rich to be back in our lives, we miss our daddy and hubby.
So I posted earlier that I do not like harvest time, well that is not all true I love all the different smells. I was driving on some back road Friday and I smelt so many different things. First was sweet onions, then green onions, potatoes, alfalfa, just plain dirt, and sorgrum grass. It is amazes me that within 5 miles you become extremely hungry because of all the smells.
This picture actually is of Nathan tonight getting ready for the tub. I thought is was adorable when trying to pull the shirt off his head and it wouldn't come. I think he almost looks like a nun, what a ham.
This picture is also of him today, I laid him in our bed because mom needs a nap too! Doesn't he look so comfortable, he was out like a log. By the way those are 18 month PJ's I can't believe how big he is getting.So you all know that Rich likes to keep his hair short. Well since we left Idaho he hasn't shaved or cut his hair, due to the clippers floating over here on a boat. Rich got home late the night they arrived and he cut it off. Nathan and I were beginning to not like dad kissing us, Nathan would push away and it would poke my nose. I told Rich that he should have kept the Mohawk it looked good on him. LOL

How could you not love this little man? If you can see I was originally taking a picture of his hair because he woke up from a nap and had some pretty wild thing going on.

Nathan is loving to feed himself although he does make a little mess. Since I know what he is thinking I will interpret (tummy full, yep I will smile for you any day, now when is bath time). He is so darn cute!!!So as I posted earlier me going to Project Day. There are a couple mom's in ward that get together every Friday morning and do any project that they might have. I am in the process of making Nathan bumpers for his crib. Nathan was getting frustrated that he couldn't get around like the other kids so I let him place with the measuring tape and he was happy. He seems to the happiest when he has something he isn't suppose to have, go figure!!!! For example tonight I was folding clothes and I went to pt some away and when I came back he was almost sucking on a dryer sheet. I gave him a different toy and took the sheet from him. He looked at me like "How dare you?" and then started to cry. What can you do but laugh!!

This is one of my favorite pictures, 3 generations of Tomlinson's. We love Grandpa Tomlinson so much are so glad that we have Rich and Nathan who get to be just like you.