Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay I am so behind it seems like these months have just gone by way to fast.  October 31st we blessed Tate here in Washington.  We had so many people come and support us, Saturday we had 29 people in our home.  Lets just say we were a little crowded but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Rich gave a beautiful blessing and we loved having everyone here.  We also went Trunk or Treating at the church, Nathan was Super Why and Tate was a little calf.  They both were so cute and we had so much fun, it was nice having family here to share it with.  Then for Thanksgiving we headed down to Idaho to be with family.  Stopped in Missoula and stayed in a motel.  Then headed the rest of the way to Idaho.  Lets just say Tate didn't travel real well.  While in Idaho we were busy but had an awesome time.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, but ate 2 hours late because the propane company forgot to fill the tank.  Then we hurried to Rich's parents house for a Christmas party.  Went shopping with my little sister and Tate the day after Thanksgiving, of course I loved that.  Then Saturday we had family pictures with my family, then went to my parents house and had our Christmas Party there.  We had so much fun with family and didn't want to come back home.

Nathan loved all the attention and lots of stories.

Isn't he a cute little calf??

Zach, Tate, Nathan, Aubrey, Brayden, and Brynley

My boys!!

Mom I think you are awesome.

Family picture in our hotel room.

Nathan and Tate trying to wake up in the morning.

Ahhh the bed all to myself.

Snoozing with Grandma Jill

I love that little bum.

Nathan and Bo.

Ok I love this picture it totally looks like Tate has boobs. Love it!!!

Grover Christmas Party.
So for Christmas we are planning on staying here which we are excited about.  Not excited about not seeing family but to not have to travel.  Thanks again to all our family that came to support us.  Love you all!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Month

So I took Tate to the doctor's office today for his Well Visit.  Yeah my little boy is growing way to fast.  For anyone who didn't know throughout my pregnancy with Tate I was going in every month and then weekly for ultra sounds.  Since he was so small they were afraid something might be wrong.  Well delivering 2 weeks early we had a 6 lbs 1 oz little boy.  Now at 2 months he is:

11lbs and 8 oz
22 inches long

Not so little anymore, he has almost doubled his birth weight which I am so excited about.  I guess that is what we get for feeding him every 2 hours.  The doctor told me today that he can go 4 hours between feedings so over the next couple of weeks we are going to be pushing for that time frame between feedings.  I am so excited all I do it seems like is feed Tate, I would have to say I am getting pretty good at multi-tasking while feeding him. 

Oh and Nathan decided he needed to be weighed. Yes our 2 1/2 year old weighs:

38.8 lbs

I know one little solid boy. Oh how I love them!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Time

Harvest is over and now we have finally had some time to be together as a family.  We missed Rich so much and am so glad to have him home at nights with us.

Ok Tate looks a little funny in this picture, you can tell he needs a bath.

Nathan making Pizza for dinner Friday night.

Make sure you poke the dough so you don't have air pockets.

Lots of Cheese/

I don't remember what happened but he was laughing so hard.

Funny face.

Group Picture

The Loves of my life, my boys!!

Fmaily Picture


More to come

Tate was 2 months old yesterday, but I have no new stats on him until tomorrow.  But here is a sneak peek of some precious pictures of him and Nathan.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures of Nathan and Tate when they were born.  The size differnece is very noticeable makes me laugh.  I love these two little guys and the daddy as well!!

Tate and Daddy!

Nathan and Daddy!
Tate and Daddy!
Nathan and Daddy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Boys

Just wanted to share some pictures of the amazing men in my life.  I love them all so much.  Tate is growing so much at 2 weeks he gained 13 ounces and grew 1 inch.  He is now 6 lbs 15 oz.  Nathan is adjusting well to having Tate around.  It melts my heart when he says, "Oh so cute!"  Also when he sings "I am a Child of God" to Tate.  Rich just started harvest on Monday and is starting to get really busy, poor guy has a sinus infection as well but it is getting better.  Me I am just going day by day, some are easier than others.  Lets just say I miss my sleep, but I wouldn't changed anything of it.  I love my boys!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!

We just wanted everyone to know that we had a baby BOY,  He was born August 24th at 10:32 a.m.  He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz. and was 18 1/2 imches long.  2 1/2 lbs smaller amd 2 imches shorter tham Nathan.  We named him Tate Albert Tomlinson.

<>Daddy and Tate
So small in his car seat.

More pictures to come.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Updates

Nathan News:

Nathan is getting so big and talks none stop.  He is growing so much he weights 36 pounds and is 3 feet and 2 inches tall.  We started potty training about a month ago and he is now 95% potty trained still having a hard time at nights.  Nothing I am worried about.  We love it when he goes potty, he says "Pee Pee Potty" to anyone that will listen and in a high pitched voice.  It is so dang cute.  He has been into volcano's lately and loves to lay in mom and dad's bed and have dad tell him stories about a "Big Volcano".  It is so fun to listen to them, Nathan will repeat the last 2 words of every sentence Rich says, with such awe.  Nathan also loves to copy Rich, whenever Rich is on the phone Nathan is at his feet repeating everything he says, as well as all the actions Rich does.  It is so cute!!!  Nathan loves chocolate milk as many know he calls it "Pshsht" and now adding "Chauky Milk".  He loves going to Nursery and loves to be home.  Anytime we get in the car to go somewhere he always says, "I home."  I am so glad he wants to be home, sometimes drives me nuts but I love it.

Richard & Brittney News:
Rich is staying busy at work.  He works Wednesday thru Saturday.  It is nice having him home for three in a row.  Especially on Monday's because this is when I have all my baby appointments.  We have been going jet skiing with some friends for the past couple of weeks and have loved it.  What a great stress reliever for all of us.  Plus I can't complain about the tan I am getting.  I am 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant, can't wait for the baby to be out and hoping it happens very soon.  I am staying very busy with my calling at church and with Nathan.  Things are almost ready for the baby to come, crib is up and clothes are washed.  Funny part is we don't know what we are having.  At first I hated the idea but I love it know, I don't think we will ever find out with our other children what we are having.  I can't wait for the doctor to say, "It's a ????" 

We hope all is well with everyone and miss all our family and friends!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something Old and Green to Something "looking" New and White

So I purchased this desk at the Small Mall for $20 and decided to redue it for our new computer desk. Our other one had its legs broke off in the move from Hawaii.  Yes we did still use it for almost 2 years, it started hurting our backs trying to type on a desk that is 2 feet to short.   

Nasty green white washed desk and brassy hardware.

Spray painted the hardware black.

Spray painted it white.

Put a smoky glaze over the white and added the hardware back on.

I LOVE IT!  Sorry the final picture wouldn't rotate.  I will post a finished picture soon.