Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad Things

So earlier I explained that we had some horrible things happen this month. Well Thursday morning we found out that my parents house caught on fire, and then Thursday night that one of Rich's good friend's from high school committed suicide. So Tuesday the 15th we headed down to Idaho for the funeral and to see my parents house. In the week that we spent there we were also able to watch our nephew play basketball in districts. That was so fun and a great time to see some of my old friends.

So Wednesday was the funeral, the service was beautiful and we were so blessed that we were able to attend it. After the funeral Rich went with his parents to Utah to look at a 5th wheel trailer and I spent the afternoon and evening with my family at their new home, a single wide trailer. As I walked in the trailer the memories of our trailer we lived in when we first were married came flooding back, I kind of miss it.

Sorry I got a little off track. Well my parents house actually caught on fire three different times. The first time at 1 in the morning then again around noon. Then the next day in the morning. My dad said that after the third time he should have let the whole thing burn to the ground. Well everything with the adjuster is said and done so they will have all new sheet rock paneling put throughout the whole house Bye, Bye 70's paneling!!!! They are thinking of adding some new rooms and vaulted ceiling. I can't wait to see it when they are done. Now for people that don't remember Rich's parents house caught of fire in July. I know as Rich's brother-in-law put it, "Rich and Britt are the common denominator in this equation." Well we need to add Brandon and Tina to it to (my brother and sister-in-law). Her parents home burned completely down to the ground a couple of years ago. So if you know us or live by us you might want to get some good insurance!!!!

This is where the fire started a cable of wire fell against the chimney stack.

Part of the ceiling in the living room upstairs right above the stairs going downstairs.

Looking from dinning room into kitchen, Rich is standing on the landing headed into the family room.

New temporary home, we were all playing "Quelf". If you haven't played it you need to, it is hilarious. For my family whenever the phone rings I want to jump up and say, "Pizza Party!" We are so thankful that everyone got out of the house safely, 3 more minutes and it would have been engulfed in flames. Also a huge thank you to everyone in my parents community for everything they have given them.

Oh the Month of February

So February is a busy month in our household. Needless to say after a couple of horrible events it became an even busier month. So to start it off Rich's and I anniversary was on February 6, which we celebrated our 6th year of marriage. I can't really remember what all we did that day, I think we had a nice dinner and watched a movie after Nathan went to bed. Here are a couple of pictures from our reception. Don't mind the goofy face of me, and I know we were skinny.
Then on the 13th is my birthday, YEA!!! I love birthday's don't know why but I do. Now one thing I guess I don't love about them is that you get older. I am the big 26 now, on the closer side to being 30 (sniff,sniff). Anyways for my birthday we went shopping for skirt and Rich was so nice and patient taking care of Nathan. I think we went to 8 different stores until I found the one I liked. Then out to eat at Country Buffet so yummy, and then grocery shopping all by myself. Nathan fell asleep so Rich stayed in the car with him so I got to shop Albertson's and Winco alone, with no child screaming. I think that was the best present of all. Then to Wal-Mart where Nathan picked out a necklace and earring for me in his sleep. Now that is one talented boy that we have. Then home to relax and watch a movie. It was a wonderful day!

Now it is Valentine's, a day we just get cards and call it good.

The Secret Closet

So my cousin 'Sissy' just sent me a link to her new blog showing off her adorable machine quilts. Her blog is named "The Secret Closet" . She is one talented girl. I love her so much and I am so happy that she has a blog now to show off her wonderful talent. Please go over and check out her site. For some reason I can't post a picture but you will all be amazed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So busy

Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest they are from my phone. We can't find the charger for our camera. This picture is of Nathan trying to hard to pick Rich up. It was so funny hearing him grunt.Nathan helping mom make pizza for lunch.
Nathan, Christa, Rena, and Lizzy watching Cars on a movie night. The adults got to watch their movie on on the T.V. We gave the computer screen for the kids.