Monday, November 2, 2009


So a couple of weeks ago we had a mouse in our house. Yuck! Nasty little things, I can't stand them. So the other day I thought we had another one and I couldn't believe it. I was down in our extra room grabbing the meat I brought in from the freezer. As I was walking back in the kitchen and I heard a sound coming from across the room. It sounded like metal softly being touched by finger nails. The first thought came to my mind, "Oh no , a mouse!" So I tip toe back down the stairs and look over our extra box spring mattress, and this is what I see! Nathan must have followed me down stairs and slipped behind the box spring before I turned around to come back up. The noise was Nathan being oh so carefully unloading and stacking daddy's pop cans. The box spring sold so now our little man can't hide from mom again.