Thursday, January 12, 2012

Battle Wounds

Oh the joys of little kids.  The other day we had a whirlwind of a day.  Nathan and Tate were playing on the floor being so good no screaming, no hitting, no crying.  Then out of no where Tate throws a train at Nathan's head.  He wasn't even two feet away and BAM here you go.

Why he wanted to hold his nose for the picture I don't know. Crazy Bean!!!

Then later in the day Tate was crawling up on the recliner to sit by Nathan.  Then he crawls over him to get a drink then back to sit down.  This happens multiple times after telling Tate to be careful he falls off backwards.  He hits his cheek on a kitchen chair.  Wondering why a kitchen chair is in the living room?  Well they are the only thing that works to block him from getting back to the windows and playing with the blinds.  So there we have the red mark across his face.  Oh this little one is one busy man!  I thought Nathan was busy but I was SO wrong.  At least he's not throwing things in the toilet anymore, oh wait that's why I have the bathrooms gated off and the doors shut.
At least by the end of the day they were happy playing together.  Lets just say I love when it is 7 and bedtime.  No I really do love my boys so much they just have me ready for bed at 7 as well.