Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 Tate cracks me up, he started having this adorable smile but every time we get the camera out he just looks at us, no expression.  So this morning I finally caught it.
 Oh I love his smile so much he brings so much joy to our home. He rolls all over the place and spins in circles. Just waiting for the day he crawls .
 Boy does he love to eat.  Nathan was never really very interested in eating baby food, but Tate sure is.  I can't seem to give him enough he is always wanting more food.  He is growing so much and is so fun.
 Now Nathan he is our comedian in the family, right along with his dad.  He is into posing for the camera lately pulling a variety of faces for us.   This one is the finger on the lip.
 This one is his serious face, oh he cracks me up.
Now the two handsome boys that love each other so much.  Nathan is such a good brother to Tate, he loves to play with him and make him smile.  Meal times are the best Nathan loves to make weird sounds and laughs so hard when Tate smiles at him.  We are so blessed to have these two handsome boys in our lives.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break

 For Spring Break my parents came up for the week and spent it with us.  It was so much fun and we loved them being here.  One day we went to Pendleton Oregon to the Underground Tours.  It was so amazing and we had so much fun you all need to check out there website.  Children are not allowed but we were the only ones on the tour so they let us take Nathan and Tate.
Rich, Tate and Josey
Nathan and me.

Grandma Jill, Nathan, Tate, Rich, Grandpa, Connor and Josey.

Nathan in the saloon.

Heading up the stairs to the Working Girls Hotel.

In the jail in the tunnel.

Beds the Chinese slept on.

Bath tub! Doesn't look to enjoyable to  me.

Meat Market.

Palouse Falls

Say cheese!

The Falls!

Girls Trip and Nathan's 3rd Birthday

 So the end of February we took our annual girls trip.  This year we went to Missoula, Montana so it was half way for everyone.  Tate did get to join us on the trip and was loved on and kissed on so much.  Him sleeping during dinner I think we shopped to much for him.
 Us eating at Applebee's oh we laughed so hard we had a blast.  Seven of us in one hotel room, lets just say it was a little difficult getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
 Nathan turned 3 on March 4th, I can't believe he is three years old I cut his cake into a 3 with a train track on top. I was busy feeding Tate so I didn't get a good picture of it.

He was a little spoiled and got a Thomas bed spread and Thomas toys.  We love him so much and are so happy he is in our lives.

Things I have been up too!!

 So for Christmas I got a Cricut and I love it so much.  I have been wanting to have a coat rack in the boys room.  Everyone I have found at any store was more than I wanted to pay.  So one of our dressers broke I took the face off one door and kept all the knobs.  Spray painted it white didn't turn out how I wanted it, so I used cream craft paint, put some glaze over it.  Then added the vinyl with words that describe any boy, screwed on the drawer knobs for my hanging hooks and Viola!!!  A cute coat hanger for FREE!!!!
Now we were in need of a coat hanger by our back door.  This picture doesn't do it justice it is so much cuter in person.  Old window pain sitting in garage bought 2 years ago, berry wreath taken from bathroom wall, hooks bought from the Grange and spray painted black.  There you go another coat rack.

Now this is a chest I found in Missoula, Montana with on our girls trip.  I have been wanting a trunk for the kids toys forever but again I couldn't just spend $50 plus dollars on one. It made sick to think of even doing that, so I bought this for $8.99 at Goodwill.  Took it home and Nathan and I drilled the lock out, someone thought it would be funny to lock it and have no key with it.  Then I taped off all the brass and black edging and first spray painted it black.  The coverage wasn't the best and I was to cheap to go and buy more so I took some black house paint and gave it two coats.  Then Rich and I spent a good 30 minutes ripping all the paint off and now I have a toy box that can hold all our toys.  Nathan thinks it is awesome to get a toy out, play with it for 1 minute then open it back up put the toy away, and then get another one out.  Lets just say cleaning up toys is FUN now.
Now I have had a, Earring holder for a while but I was in need of a necklace holder as well.  So I cute a board we had out in the shed 12x12, glued the paper down, stapled the netting on after I spray painted it black.  Then cute the vinyl out on my Cricut, bella (mean beautiful in Spanish).  Put all the earrings and necklaces on it and there you go.  I am planning on making another one sometime in the near future I think I want one a little bit bigger.  Oh yeah the hooks for the necklaces drawer knobs from broken dresser spray painted black.