Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 Tate cracks me up, he started having this adorable smile but every time we get the camera out he just looks at us, no expression.  So this morning I finally caught it.
 Oh I love his smile so much he brings so much joy to our home. He rolls all over the place and spins in circles. Just waiting for the day he crawls .
 Boy does he love to eat.  Nathan was never really very interested in eating baby food, but Tate sure is.  I can't seem to give him enough he is always wanting more food.  He is growing so much and is so fun.
 Now Nathan he is our comedian in the family, right along with his dad.  He is into posing for the camera lately pulling a variety of faces for us.   This one is the finger on the lip.
 This one is his serious face, oh he cracks me up.
Now the two handsome boys that love each other so much.  Nathan is such a good brother to Tate, he loves to play with him and make him smile.  Meal times are the best Nathan loves to make weird sounds and laughs so hard when Tate smiles at him.  We are so blessed to have these two handsome boys in our lives.


Echo said...

Super cute kids Brit!