Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break

 For Spring Break my parents came up for the week and spent it with us.  It was so much fun and we loved them being here.  One day we went to Pendleton Oregon to the Underground Tours.  It was so amazing and we had so much fun you all need to check out there website.  Children are not allowed but we were the only ones on the tour so they let us take Nathan and Tate.
Rich, Tate and Josey
Nathan and me.

Grandma Jill, Nathan, Tate, Rich, Grandpa, Connor and Josey.

Nathan in the saloon.

Heading up the stairs to the Working Girls Hotel.

In the jail in the tunnel.

Beds the Chinese slept on.

Bath tub! Doesn't look to enjoyable to  me.

Meat Market.

Palouse Falls

Say cheese!

The Falls!


Melissa said...

Fun with your family, I didn't even know they were here! I can't believe how huge Palouse is right now!

Echo said...

Wow, youve been busy! I am glad you had a good time with your family. Don't you just love the cricut!? You did great on your projects!