Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I have been up too!!

 So for Christmas I got a Cricut and I love it so much.  I have been wanting to have a coat rack in the boys room.  Everyone I have found at any store was more than I wanted to pay.  So one of our dressers broke I took the face off one door and kept all the knobs.  Spray painted it white didn't turn out how I wanted it, so I used cream craft paint, put some glaze over it.  Then added the vinyl with words that describe any boy, screwed on the drawer knobs for my hanging hooks and Viola!!!  A cute coat hanger for FREE!!!!
Now we were in need of a coat hanger by our back door.  This picture doesn't do it justice it is so much cuter in person.  Old window pain sitting in garage bought 2 years ago, berry wreath taken from bathroom wall, hooks bought from the Grange and spray painted black.  There you go another coat rack.

Now this is a chest I found in Missoula, Montana with on our girls trip.  I have been wanting a trunk for the kids toys forever but again I couldn't just spend $50 plus dollars on one. It made sick to think of even doing that, so I bought this for $8.99 at Goodwill.  Took it home and Nathan and I drilled the lock out, someone thought it would be funny to lock it and have no key with it.  Then I taped off all the brass and black edging and first spray painted it black.  The coverage wasn't the best and I was to cheap to go and buy more so I took some black house paint and gave it two coats.  Then Rich and I spent a good 30 minutes ripping all the paint off and now I have a toy box that can hold all our toys.  Nathan thinks it is awesome to get a toy out, play with it for 1 minute then open it back up put the toy away, and then get another one out.  Lets just say cleaning up toys is FUN now.
Now I have had a, Earring holder for a while but I was in need of a necklace holder as well.  So I cute a board we had out in the shed 12x12, glued the paper down, stapled the netting on after I spray painted it black.  Then cute the vinyl out on my Cricut, bella (mean beautiful in Spanish).  Put all the earrings and necklaces on it and there you go.  I am planning on making another one sometime in the near future I think I want one a little bit bigger.  Oh yeah the hooks for the necklaces drawer knobs from broken dresser spray painted black.


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