Monday, March 29, 2010


So a couple of weeks ago Rich's sister and her family came up for their Spring Break, we had so much fun. The pictures are from Palouse Falls, our house and the park.This is fro Kylee! Uncle Rich pulled some muscles trying to get it just right!

Kaleb, Bart, Nathan, Bodie, Carrie, Maggie and I just before
we started our hike down to the falls.

Nathan and Bo watching Dora!

Nathan and Maggie watching their own movies on the DVD player.

Nathan scored with Landon and got him to read to him. Nathan
loved having all the kids around.
We got the kite stuck in the tree. Thanks to Rich and Landon's acrobatic moves they were able to get it down with grace.

Here is the kite when we got it in the air. Rich and boys got a lot of exercise running up and down the field with it. Nathan did as well he thought it was so much fun.

Nathan and I on the swing.

The boys playing some hoops. thanks again Melissa for letting us use the basketball. We also played a good round of "PIG" I almost beat my nephews in the game. My one nephew couldn't believe that I was making some of the shots they thought would be hard. Bo's comment was, "Even my pregnant aunt can make a hook shot." We were so glad to see them go. We loved having them here and can't wait to see them all soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tired of being sick

So when pregnant with Nathan I was sick until week 11. Now with this pregnancy I am sick all the time. Last night I told Rich I am so sick of being sick all the time. He then asked me "I have the munchies what should I have?" I told him "I did earlier and thought I was thirsty instead so I drank some chocolate milk, and guess what?" He quickly stated "Now you fill like crap!" Yes I do one night it is milk, then its bread, or cheese, or an orange that make me sick. Seriously it is driving me crazy. I am convinced that we are having a girl! She can't make up her mind. Well time will tell, we aren't finding out what we are having, it's going to be a surprise. Not by my choice but I told Rich we could not find out.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Party

So we opened presents for Nathan the day after his birthday! I know mean mom but that way it was the weekend and we had more time. Rich and I both contributed to Nathan's cake, not the fanciest thing but we liked it and Nathan loved it.All he wanted to do was look at it never touched it. He blew the candles out in one blow. We were pretty impressed I guess his wish will come true! This is Nathan opening his present from Grandpa (PaPa), and Grandma (MaMa) Tomlinson. He loved the truck and loads all his cars in the trailer. Sorry not a great picture but he loves it, even more than his train we got him. This is just a picture of Nathan and Daddy Sunday evening having a milk shake. I loved watching Nathan look at Rich when it would get clogged with Reese's chunks, it was as if he was saying, "Ummmm..... excuse me can you clean my straw out!" Then after Rich would clean the straw Nathan would say, "Mmm!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Button!!

Check out our new button!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Years Old

We can't believe it our little boy is two years old today.
It just seems like yesterday he was born. For anyone that doesn't know
Nathan was born in Hawaii and then we moved back to the mainland when he was 6 months.
What a precious little man! At first we weren't sure on what to name him. So for the first 24 hours all the nurses called him Joesph, I'm thinking because he was the hali (white) baby there; the rest were HawaiianNow our little man is so grown up, this is Rich and Nathan swinging at the park. Nathan loves to be outside and gets kind of ticked when he has to come in. Since the weather has been so nice this past week we have been going on walks. So when Nathan see's Rich pull in he goes to the stroller and says, "Ride"
Nathan thinking he is so big to swing by himself.

Oh how I love this little man! He is talking so much right now and loves to sing. His favorite songs are: Old McDonald or better known as "EIEI-OOO", Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (he can sing it by himself", Child's Prayer.

He loves to say "Help Me" when trying to get off the bed, and anytime he takes a big bit of food he looks at you and says, "BIG BITE, Mmmmm!" Also he says "Pshsht" this means that he wants to have Chocolate Milk.

Anyway just wanted to say we love you Nathan and are so happy you are in our lives.

Love, Daddy and Mommy