Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So busy

Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest they are from my phone. We can't find the charger for our camera. This picture is of Nathan trying to hard to pick Rich up. It was so funny hearing him grunt.Nathan helping mom make pizza for lunch.
Nathan, Christa, Rena, and Lizzy watching Cars on a movie night. The adults got to watch their movie on on the T.V. We gave the computer screen for the kids.


White Family said...

Crazy!! We're posting blogs at the same time! I'm so happy to finally hear from you after, well, WAY TO LONG!!! I wish we didn't have to make great friends and then move away so fast!! College stinks that way I guess. So where is Connell? WE are moving to Yakima in August, is that close at all? Even if its not we need to get togehter! Are you on Facebook much? Are we friends? If not we need to be, because I want to be able to talk easier than over blogs. Maybe you'll have to send me your # sometime! Love and miss you!


Anonymous said...

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melissa marie said...

hey, i just realized your birthday is in a couple of days. happy birthday in a couple of days!

Pili said...

Hey strangers. How have ya'll been? Nathan is getting so big! Post above me said it's your birthday soon so happy birthday from us too! Talk to you later. Sad story, the plant died and now it's back to life with only a few leaves. It died over winter break but it's making a comeback. Don't worry, he's just fine ;)