Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Horse Ride + A Staple

 While Nathan was getting a horse ride from Rich yesterday he fell and hit the corner of the wall.  As you can see we ended up going to the doctors and getting a staple put in him head.

He was such a tough little boy, they didn't numb him just bammm... he cried for a min and then was fine.  All he cared about was getting am ice cream cone.

Nathan also wanted me to show you his hurt knee from falling outside the other day.

As well as his scrap on his nose from falling over his "BIG" fire engine.  He's doing fine now and you wouldn't know he even got hurt yesterday.


Echo said...

Little boys and bumps and bruises and STAPLES! sometimes glue in Coda's case. I'm glad he's okay.

Natalie said...

It amazes me at that age how often they get hurt. They are constantly falling or bumping! They are just SO BUSY that it doesn't even slow them down! Sorry about the staple....that is crazy they didn't even numb him! AH!!