Thursday, August 18, 2011


So we are here and have been for 2 weeks, still working on getting the Internet on my computer so I don't have any pictures right now.  We love it here but it is hard being without Rich.  The other day we Skyped and as soon as Tate saw Rich he started to cry, wanting him so bad.  Every night Nathan asks me "Where is my daddy?"  The past couple of days we have had cousins over and when they left to go home Nathan looked at me and said, "Did all my friends go because their daddy got a new job?"  He is so sweet and cute.  Tate is cracking me up, he said "Hi" which is so cute and almost walking.  Also he is so ticklish under his finger nails, any time I try to clean them he just started to giggle.  Well we love you all and miss everyone in Connell.


Malia said...

So you have been living in Washington for awhile now and now moving to Idaho!? Are you excited to be closer to home? Sorry I have not kept up with the blog but now that I am staying at my inlaws for a little while we are back to having electricity full time and it is fun to get back online more often and check in. Your boys are so cute. Hope all is well with you and the move. much aloha!

Nichole said...

We miss you too. Hang in there. You're little family will all be back together before you know it!