Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please change my diaper!!

Nathan is such a happy baby, I took these pictures the other day when I went to change his diaper. Again as everyone knows I know exactly what he is thinking, and here he is saying. "Oh please mom change my bum!!". Every day he does something new and he is such a joy. He is growing so fast that most of his PJ's are to short for him they hit him at his knees.
After his bum change is time to hit the sack. A lot of the time he doesn't like to be snuggled when he is trying to sleep. He usually squirms until he is comfortable as you can see is the picture below. He loves his daddy and thinks he is so comfy.


Lanae said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the little man. It is fun to check your blog for new ones. You guys look great.

mccomas ohana said... cute! Thanks for visiting us Nathan! Hopefully we can see you again soon.

Jen said...

Another great post. You can't go wrong with such a cute boy! I can't believe how big his is getting. See you soon.