Wednesday, July 14, 2010

April's Girls Trip

So every year I get the great pleasure to spend 4 days with Rich's sisters and mom.  We go shopping all weekend long with no kids or husbands.  Let's just say I look forward to this every year, and since we lived in Hawaii I missed out on it for 3 years.  This year we went to Ogden and staid in a condo which is so much better than the hotels we have been staying in, more room and more bathrooms.

This was just after the first day.
All of us wish our loot, Jenny is taking the picture. 
In order to get us all we had to stand on the counter. 
Jenny and mom's corn dog.

Carrie and Megan I have way cute sister-in-laws.

Thanks to all our husbands who take the kids every year and let us have our time to shop, shop, shop.  But most of all to just laugh and be girls.