Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Memorial Day & 4th of July

Since we were down in Idaho during Memorial Day we were lucky to spend it with some of Rich's family camping.  Thanks to his parents for letting us stay in there camper with them.  The pictures from Memorial Day are at the bottom of the post.  I really don't want to drag them to the top.
Then on the 4th of July weekend we went up for the day with my family camping in Bear Gulch. Then on the 5th of July we spent time with Rich's family at his sisters house in Grant.  It is so fun being around family and we wish that we were closer to spend the time with them.
Joni helping Amber with the watermelon, it looks a little heavy for her.
Nathan, Livy, and Josey waving at the camera.  They all love their Aunt Josey.
Nathan playing catch with Daddy and Connor.  I love this picture because he was so happy he started jumping up and down.  I caught it perfect with him off the ground.
Nathan's throwing arm, yes that is his left arm.  I think he is going to be ambidextrous like his dad.
Nathan riding the roping dummy.  He thought it was his cow, not a bull but a cow.
Beautiful pictures of Kilgore, I love this place I wish I could live there.
Sun set coming home from Bear Gulch.  I am pretty impressed this was taken outside the wide going 60 mph.
The guys playing ultimate Frisbee at Rich's sister's house. 
Lets just say that the younger kids beat the old men.  I think they all realized they aren't young bucks anymore.
This is of Nathan dancing.  This is his new little jive and I love it.

Camping up at Stoddard with Rich's family during Memorial Weekend.
I love these pictures of Nathan and his "Brainy".
Nathan and Bo during the weekend Nathan was attached to Bodie.  This is Nathan's new cheese smile as well.  For some reason he thinks he needs to cover his eyes.
Rich and Kylie.  Oh if you all new how much these to are like each other.  Let's just say we laughed all weekend long.
Nathan and Bo eating marshmallow's.

And again Nathan and Bo.


Pili said...

Hey Brittney! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun being with family. That's always the best.