Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little Man

I had to post this picture of Nathan and Emma eating fruit snacks the other day. Nathan showing all of us that they are indeed in his mouth, and Emma with the sweetest face saying, "Mmmm so good!"So a couple of days ago I decided to pamper myself and repaint my toe nails. After I was done Nathan came up and grabbed the toenail clippers and decided that I wasn't done being pampered. He started mimicking my actions and clipping my toe nails. He even tried to file my toe nails. A family in our ward gave us a ton of board books that their children arn't useing anymore. As you can tell Nathan loves them. He had everyone of them out of the bag within 10 minutes. One of his favorite things to do is have book read to him, so daddy and Nathan have many hours reading already behind them and more to come.
I love this picture of my guys! Recently Nathan has been attached to Rich no matter where Rich is, Nathan is there. Either standing by him or sitting RIGHT next to him. Rich can move an inch away and Nathan stands up and moves the inch towards him and sits back down by him. I love these two guys so much!


Jimmy,Christie,Hunter and Holden said...

Your little guys is getting so big. It's crazy how fast they grow up.